Bright Realty Attracts Local Craft Brewery to Castle Hills

recent news Published Articles August 03, 2017

TKO Libations to Open in Castle Hills Village Shops in September

Craft brewers in Texas face a unique set of issues as they start their businesses, and leasing commercial space is one of those challenges. Leases for breweries differ from those for traditional food and beverages sites, with specific permitting, zoning, parking, production, safety and build-out requirements.

Bright Realty was able to meet those challenges and attract TKO Libations to Phase 3 of Castle Hills Village Shops. TKO Libations, a 2,810-square-foot brewpub featuring the recipes of award-winning brewers, is slated to open at Bright Realty’s Castle Hills Village Shops in September 2017. The Village Shops is in the heart of the master-planned Castle Hills community in Lewisville, located at King Arthur Blvd. and Lady of the Lake Blvd.

“As a landlord, we were willing to put in the needed extra work to bring a brewery into the Castle Hills community,” said Lucas Patterson, executive vice president. “We determined that the brewery was a good fit for the vibrant Castle Hills community, with hopes it will attract beer lovers beyond Castle Hills. Along with our tenants, we agreed that the location, unlike the traditional industrial brewery setting, was also a benefit.” The unique site offers views of Lake Avalon, The Lakes at Castle Hills golf course and the plaza’s water features, with an indoor bar, seating areas with games and TVs, outdoor patio seating areas and a separate brewery space with windows to view the brewing operations.

Bright Realty went the extra mile for the brewery tenant to ensure that state and federal regulations surrounding the brewing and selling of alcohol were met, as well as regulations regarding distance from the community’s onsite elementary school, and brewery-specific ventilation and safety measures.

TKO Libations will craft bold, all natural ales and lagers onsite, as well as refreshing non-alcoholic beverages, all using ingredients sourced locally. The brewpub will also offer beverages including beer and wine from select local craft brewery and winery partners, as well as national products that are underrepresented in North Texas.

The menu will feature a variety of favorite brews including several Brew Riot Homebrew award-winning recipes. Beer selections consist of a seasonal gingerbread porter, called Gingerbread Monster, 2016 1st place winner of 2016 Best Specialty Beer and 2015 1st place in the Christmas/Winter category; a Belgian strong dark ale, Abbey Delight, 2016 3rd place winner in the Belgian and French Ale Group; and a dopplebock, called Dopple the Pleasure, which won 3rd in its category.

TKO Libations is among other popular tenants at the Village Shops such as T.B.D. Kitchen, PI.E 3.14 Everyday Eatery, Kanzi Sushi & Hibachi, Sophia’s Kitchen and Z’s Wok.

“The Village Shops has become a destination for foodies,” added Patterson. “Our determination to work with tenants and finish out the space for a brewery means that it will now become a destination for craft beer fans.”

Castle Hills Village Shops

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